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The Story of Our Family Firm

Serving You Since 1972

Koler Financial Group was founded in April 1972 by Alex and Donna Koler in the spare bedroom of their home in Parma, Ohio. At the time, they had four boys under the age of eight. Alex was working a full-time job at at a Cleveland steel mill as head mathematician, while Donna was raising their boys. The primary focus of the business in the early years was a new concept: buy term life insurance and invest the difference. What started out as a part-time way to earn extra money to pay for their sons’ college eventually turned into a full-service financial planning firm helping clients with insurance, investment and tax management.

Expanding Our Reach

In 1981, the family moved into a larger home in Parma where the lower level became the home office for the business. In 1982, the steel mill that Alex was working for filed for bankruptcy and he made the decision to go into the financial planning business full-time.

In 1992, Koler Financial Group relocated to the current office location on Pearl Road.

Alex served as president until shortly before he passed away in 2017. Donna is still active and in the office five days a week assisting clients with tax and financial strategies.

Building Our Team

Dave Stollings joined the firm in 1982 and continues today as a Financial Professional. Jerry Koler started in the financial planning business in 1991 and switched over to the family business in 1992. He is the current President and a Financial Advisor. Michael Koler started his financial planning practice in 1991 and joined the family as well in 1995. He continues today as a Financial Advisor. Dave Koler has been preparing tax returns since 1997. After 28 years working in the IT industry, he joined Koler Financial Group in 2018 to become a full-time Tax Professional and Financial Advisor.  Most recently, Ryan Koler, Jerry's son, joined the firm as a Financial Advisor. Koler Financial Group is now a 3rd generation company.

Continuing to Serve the Needs of Our Clients

This year, Koler Financial Group celebrates 50 years of serving its local community. With more than 3,500 clients, Koler Financial Group continues today with its purpose to have a positive impact on their customers’ financial planning well-being. As part of this purpose, they remain actively involved in their local communities.

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